Saint Pierre sur Dives

Saint Pierre sur Dives

Les "Petits Matins Bleus ***"

et Les Pommiers ***

Chemin de la Bouillerie
Sainte Marguerite de Viette
(14140) France
Port 33 (0)6 76 67 14 30
Tel  33 (0)2 31 20 92 98

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In the 16th. century « Halles » each monday morning, there is a pictureque market where all sorts of home made products and farm animals are sold ; cheeses, butter, ducks and chicken, rabbits and geese...Don’t miss it !
The Abbey Notre-Dame, which was built between the 11 th. and the 14 th. century has a beautiful porch and hall.
For nostalgic visitors who enjoy old films, go tho the Rexy cinema (from September on) !
A few miles from St. Pierre, the château de Carel (17th. and 18th. century) has a lovely pigeon-house.

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