Fall and Winter

Fall and Winter

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Les "Petits Matins Bleus ***"

et Les Pommiers ***

Chemin de la Bouillerie
Sainte Marguerite de Viette
(14140) France bienvenue@lespetitsmatinsbleus.com
Port 33 (0)6 76 67 14 30
Tel  33 (0)2 31 20 92 98

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Workshops jams, with fruit from the garden, everyone will leave with their pots,
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Mushrooms: The recognize, prepare, preserve, cook, eat with the participants in the course, around a convivial meal
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Preparation of Christmas:
Learning to make his Christmas wreath, gleaning material in nature (twigs, moss, bark, etc ...) through a hike in the Pays d'Auge
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Make a rustic table decor:
Harvesting leaves, associate foams, natural materials found in the context of a hike in the Pays d'Auge
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Making a foie gras and fruit disguised
Hosted by Julie

The course of Saturday and Sunday morning, followed by a convivial meal, eaten together.
The afternoon and evening are free to visit the region.
These courses are held on weekends; Dates announced later.

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